Madonna and Child

The Corsini collection is in town and I had the privilege to go and see it before it moved on to its next destination. A lot of the paintings and works were very, very old (and I mean the 500+ years kind of old). The paintings look just as good as when they were done. And to see


these works up close was just spectacular. I settled on a smaller part of a larger painting of the Madonna and Child.  Of course, this looks nothing like the original but to be fair, I’m no Boticelli.





The Corsini family was a dynasty that rivalled the Medici family back in the day, and to see their collections over the hundreds of years is truly a gift to the world. These pieces survived the wars and floods – and most are preserved quite well given their age and how far they have travelled the world.  The collection features artists from the Renaissance and Baroque art periods.

If you are in Perth and you feel like a nostalgic stroll down the art of the ages, the collection is still at the Art Gallery of Western Australia until 18 June 2018.