Leaving Las Vegas

Oh my goodness, how could I have forgotten about my sketch at McCarran Airport as we were about to depart the frenzied New Years of Las Vegas.

It was probably about a few days after New Years. The hum of Vegas had died down to literally a trickle. The carnivale type celebrations of New Years appear to be a distant dream as we set forth to the airport.

This was a really interesting trip for me – I had never ever seen pokie machines at an airport before (only in a casino in Perth because everything else interstate as replaced with mind numbingly boring slot machines).

Anyway, our first flight of the day was delayed by 3 hours – surprise surprise at a US airport. I tell you that was the most stressful experience ever because we had 5 minutes of transit to hop on a connecting at LAX bound for Hawai’i. Then after all that travel, they left my bag in Vegas. Hilarious – not. Had to stand around for an hour for the privilege but you get that with international travel 🙂 Except it was internal travel. Hotel was in Waikiki so goodness know how I am going to get my clothes.

In a complete twist of efficiency, my bag arrived about 3 hours later from LAX. At 4am in the morning. Screw that. Sleeping in the nud.